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science of bacteriology in its medical relations has developed : has gone through the excesses to which SOLIS-COHE.W: PHARMACOPOEIA AND PRACTICE all new sciences seem to be destined ; and has re- turned to sanity. Pathology has been transformed ; and the old quarrels of the cheap erythromycin solidists and the humor- alists, order erythromycin which waged anew for a time, under other names, between those who studied only cells and those who gave attention to physiological and pathological chemistry, have forever ended with the recognition that truth belongs to neither, but only to online erythromycin both. But is not this recognition, after all, a vin- dication of the olden teachers? cost erythromycin ophthalmic What are the toxines and the other products of bacterial life and activity, what are the purin bodies, and acid intoxi- cants and the other products of aberrant metabol- ism, but average cost erythromycin the "peccant humors" of the ancients? It would be well for even the youngest cost erythromycin and price erythromycin philippines most self experienced of us to study more attentively the wis- dom of those great observers of old, who. without microscope or culture tube or chemical laboratory, could buy cheap erythromycin yet see cost erythromycin gel with the observant eye of the em- piricist, that their patients were poisoned — poisoned often by substances generated within the human body itself. Their terms, which we laugh at to- day as old fashioned or absurd, were in line with the general medical, philosophical, and scientific jargon of their age. Who shall say that our grand- sons will not find our jargon of metabolism, of auto- intoxication, of antibody and opsonin, of amboceptor and autolysate, and the like, equally crude and laughable? Each generation has a language of its own, and the work of each generation must be sym- pathetically interpreted according to its own lan- guage and the general development and trend of the science and purchase erythromycin philosophy of its day. price erythromycin gel The great triumphs of preventive medicine, beginning with Tenner and recently so brilliantly successful in averting typhoid fever in the British and American armies — what are these but the ancient methods of Chinese and Arabian inoculators, later sought to be systematized as "isopathy?" Isopathy is a bad name ; but its introducers failed, not because of that, but because they were too far ahead of the general knowledge of their time. price erythromycin ointment Medical advance is conditioned largely by the state of collateral sciences, and even of the industrial arts. The methods of the isopathists, like those of their Oriental predecessors, were crude and dangerous, and were rightly abandoned. It was only when the exact knowledge and exact methods of recent days had isolated the pathogenic organisms and devised accurate and scientific methods of attenuation, that the great idea of arousing the latent resistant forces of the organism by the introduction of the disease inducing substances in mimimal how much does azithromycin cost quantity and weakened virulence, could safely be applied. Yet not only the Chinese inoculators, but also Mithri- dates of Pergamos, who flourished two milleniums ago — and who was said to have protected himself against all known poisons by taking them at first in minute doses, gradually increased until he could tolerate almost any quantity — had grasped the fundamental principle. Pasteur, in producing im- munity against anthrax in animals, imitated Mith- ridates when he sought to arouse progressive in- tensity of resistance by progressive increase cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment in the strength of the virus inoculated. And so it is but the culmination of these olden adventures in biologi- cal therapy, that having on the Jennerian or Mith- ridatic principle, and through the exact methods of the modern laboratory, aroused an active specific immunity in animals, we can now take from the immune animal's blood the chemical agent of natural defense and therewith confer a transient. passive immunity upon man. I, for one, shall be very glad when w<: can ad- mit into the pharmacopoeia all these biological pro- tectives. The pending revision will add tetanus antitoxine, cost erythromycin eye ointment but our very conservative committee hav- ing this matter in charge has not seen its way clear, as yet, to recommend others, because of the diffi- culties that lie in the way of standardization of product and of process. We must recognize, how- ever, that the field of these agents is narrowly limited ; and that even in the treatment of acute infections, the bacterins and the antitoxines fre- quently need to be supplemented by the use of ap- propriate drugs, and sometimes by surgical pro- cedures. Other fields of modern advance cost erythromycin topical are found in the isolation of the active principles of plants, and in the production of synthetic chemicals. Here, too, we must recognize the limitations. It is a truism of therapeutical art that morphine does not repre- sent opium, and what chemist or pharmacologist price erythromycin india is willing to say that any derivative as yet obtained from ergot or from cost of erythromycin 500mg digitalis can be substituted for a good preparation of the whole drug? And these are not exceptions, but familiar illustrations of the rule. Time lacks price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment to discuss the reason, even if knowl- edge permitted. The fact is indubitable, and the pharmacopoeia must recognize facts. As for synthetics, many of them are most valu- able and fulfill a purpose which can be filled By nothing else. Others are inferior to long known galenicals and chemical compounds. Here the pharmacopoeia must follow, not lead. A few only of the newer products, those whose distinctive worth and place have been established, can be ad- mitted, and I am afraid that even some of these will be shut out by the instruction of the conven- tion concerning proprietary rights. I have no quarrel with that instruction, but I wish some way could be found to solve this ques- tion of patent and trademark, that would be at once fair to inventors and just to the medical profession, and above all, to ailing humankind. I have else- where expressed myself fully and definitely upon this head, and need not now repeat. When, as in ( rermany, "materia medica" patents are restricted

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