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afraid to say. Sabouraud points out that hair grows stronger as age tetracycline mgd advances and denies that the average depila- tory is harmful. To be sure, the hair returns after the effect of the depilatory wears off, and in time increases in vigor and coarseness; but this would buying tetracycline online happen in any case, and a woman is entirely justi- fied, and perfectly safe as well, in temporarily re- moving the disfigurement as best she may. When we come tetracycline hcl bp 250 mg to hair dye, however, we are no longer on such safe ground. All dyes and bleaches, even hydrogen peroxide, eventually ruin 500 mg tetracycline acne the hair itself, making buy tetracycline it brittle and lifeless. None injures doxycycline tetracycline the general health or affects the mind, as has been widely believed; no cases of lead poisoning, for ex- ample, have ever been reported from dyes contain- ing lead, nor have there been poisonings from cupric oxide or pyrogallic acid. It should be known, how- ever, that the scalp and skin of the face may be seriously affected by dyes, especially by the popular hydrochloride tetracycline 250 mg acne of paraphenylene diamine. Use of the latter has been followed by an extensive cedema of the face and neck, accompanied by severe itch- ing and burning, but without fever. An obstinate eczema has been also reported. Even the most care- ful washing of the surrounding skin with soap after application of the dye will not always prevent these complications; but there is comforting ground for belief that they are due to an idiosyncrasy. In all instances the dye should be tried on a small por- tion of the scalp, toward the neck, first ; if no harm results, the entire chevelure may be treated with safety. In conclusion, as to the hair, the physician should counsel online tetracycline resignation as long as his patient is willing, and then warn her that the hair itself will suffer. io86 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [New York Medical Jourmau As to depilatories and creams, he should assure him- self of the purity of the ingredients, devising his own prescriptions preferably, and assure his anxious clients, with his hand on his heart, that tetracycline mail order it is not only permissible to use them freely, but a sacred duty they owe to Nature and to man. WALTER WYMAN. In the death of Walter Wyman the country has lost an eminent citizen and the medical profession an illustrious member who was always loyal to its best ideals and traditions. The qualities of heart and mind which led him as a young physician to take an active part in the suppression ot cholera at St. Louis at a time when such epidemics were accompanied by harrowing features now unknown, led him later, as an assistant surgeon in the old Marine Hospital Service, to effect radical reforms in the inhuman conditions prevailing tetracycline hydrochloride capsules usp 500mg in the river traffic of the Ohio where can i buy tetracycline and the oyster fisheries of the Chesapeake. His services in connection with the passage of the National Quarantine Law, the sup- pression of yellow fever at New Orleans, of bubonic plague at San Francisco, the establishment of the tuberculosis sanatorium at Fort Stanton, of the leprosy hospital in Hawaii, of the Hygienic Laboratory at Washington, the passage and en- forcement buy tetracycline 500mg of the law governing tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne interstate traffic in antitoxines, vaccines, etc. (the original pure drug law), and above all the passage of the law of 1902 converting the Marine Hospital Service into the present public health service will long be remem- bered as great and permanent advances. 1 1 is work was always constructive : The Hygienic Laboratory was founded, not as a place for routine work but as a place for research into the cause, prevention, and cure of disease; the leprosy hos- pital at Molokai has been a research hospital ; recently he secured legislation permitting him to admit patients into the marine hospitals for study. In all of his work he strove to maintain the best ideals of the medical profession ; demagogism where to buy tetracycline of every description was deeply repugnant to him. He never resorted to exaggeration or misrepresenta- tion. His innate dignity, combined with his loyalty to the tradition of tetracycline 250mg tablets his profession that a physician should generic version of tetracycline never resort to sensational methods or to appeals to passions and prejudices, prevented him from ever becoming a popular hero; on the other hand they sometimes led him to be misunderstood even by members of the medical profession. But his work speaks for itself: In the twenty years dur- ing which he was surgeon general he never took a step backward; the laws with the enactment of which he was connected have stood 1 lu- test of tune. Greatest of all his services, however, was the per- fecting of the organization of the present public health service. In times when every layman thinks himself qualified to direct public health affairs, it required rare ability to secure and maintain an organization truly tetracycline 500mg capsules representative of the medical profession ; for this achievement alone physicians who are true to their calling will be grateful. So while we deplore and feel deeply the death of the leader it cheap tetracycline is a consolation to know that the battle against disease, and especially against its introduc- tion from without, will go on ; there will be no demoralization in the various activities now extend- ing throughout the world ; all will go on through the organization built up by the devoted and un- selfish 500 mg tetracycline rosacea work of Walter Wyman.

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