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the sugar, not changing the food in any other way. Cutting out the sugar, of course, reduced the food value (the number of calories) very considerably, as one ounce of sugar was equal to six ounces of milk. He believed that without keeping track of the number of calories a kilo or pound we were feeding an infant we were in constant danger of overfeeding and causing diarrhoea. It was a very simple matter to reckon calories when we knew that every ounce of whole milk given, in twenty-four hours equalled twenty calories, and every ounce of sugar equalled 120 calories. The average infant would do well on 120 calories a kilo. In these diarrhoeas from overfeeding starvation would not do much harm, and might even be the best treat- ment in older, well nourished babies. In some of this class of cases he found a barley gruel diet more serviceable than the boiled milk and water, and it seemed to him that the benefit from this generic for voltaren might per- haps be due to changing the intestinal flora, accord- ing to the theory recently advanced. The signs, of infectious diarrhoea were sudden onset with fever, usually accompanied by vomiting, and often with blood voltaren xr 100mg and mucus in the stools. The treatment consisted of a cathartic, if the voltaren ec tablets 50mg infant was seen early, and starvation for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. A weak barley gruel or boiled water might he used iIuriiiLT this period. At the end of forty-eight hours at the most, whether the stools were better or not. he gave boiled milk and water mixtures or the Eiweiss Milch. Tn the treat- ment of infantile diarrhoea he seldom employed any drugs. Strychnine, however, in doses of 1/300 to 1/200 of a grain, was very useful for the infant who 1 resistance were | and paregoric was occasionally of service in check- ing vomiting which had hecome chronic. From a theoretical standpoint the speakei he did not feel sure that the mere absence of voltaren rapid 25mg arti- ficial sugar from the food was the cause 'if the beneficial effect upon the diarrhoea. Koiling the milk changed it in many ways, but he believed it red the food more digestible, for during the summer he did not see a single hard curd in any "f the stools of infants on this diet. At first he boiled the nulls ljecau>e Finkelstein anil other • ierman podiatrists did so as a routine and because it m desirable to follow them entirely; afterward he continued to boil it because he got such good re suits with this method. He found, however, that boiling the milk had little or no effect upon the diarrhoea when artificial sugar was added to the food. Dr. Ransford E. Van Gieson said that after a careful study he had not been convinced that sugar, in normal proportions, was causative of infantile diarrhoea, but he believed that in the treatment of this affection we must reduce all the constituents of cows' milk to a minimum adapted voltaren ec to the voltaren topical indi- vidual case. He had never used cow lactose in his milk modifications. As to the Eiweiss mixture ( which, by the way, was a misnomer, since it con- tained no egg albumen), this was a compound of sifted, separated, voltaren sr 100mg whole milk casein and buttermilk. Many years ago he had reached the conclusion that if cow casein was separated and diluted simply with water and one half per cent, of gelatin with ten to twenty per cent, of lime water, it would be more easily digested. It voltaren xr 100 mg was requisite that the milk should be bottom or skim mills. It was coagulated with rennin and well shaken in a capacious bottle. By this method the casein was much more finely separated than by rubbing it through a sieve, and there was less danger of infection. Diluted two and a half volumes it would give one per cent, lac- tose and voltaren 75 sr less than one per cent, undissolved casein. The percentage of fat was a very small fraction. For a temporary food this, alternating with twenty- five per cent, cream diluted to ten voltaren generic name volumes, with twenty per cent, lime water, was productive of good results. The great point was the adaptation of this foreign substance — cows' milk — to the weakened digestion of the infant, and the treatment, he be- lieved, was chiefly prophylactic. Doctor Dennett's classification of diarrhoeas he thought was excellent. Dr. George Dow Scott said that he was nol .1 little startled when he first heard of this use of boiled milk, as all the teaching voltaren sr 75 mg tablet for many years was to the effect that boiled milk was indigestible. The results which Doctor Dennett had obtained, how- ' /ed thai we must modify our views in re- gard to the matter. Some of us had been trying- all sorts of methods in infant feeding', and bad now come down to the use of the pure raw milk voltaren ec 75 mg fur- nished by the milkman, modified with a amount of water and with lime water to render voltaren 100 mg retard the mixture alkaline. Sugar, in proper quantity, acted tonic, voltaren xr 100 but too much of it would excite diar- Every voltaren 50mg diclofenac mixture should be such as the child would like to take, and it was important to re- member that it should voltaren in usa contain the three elements, proteid, fat, and carbohydrate. It was a mistake to generic name for voltaren prepare a milk mixture for twenty-four hours at a time. Every feeding should be freshly made, and the lime water added at the last minute. Colon Bacillus Infections; voltaren in canada with Report of Double Pneumonia and Purulent Bronchitis (Colon Infection) with Recovery. — In this paper Dr. Robert Coleman Kemp called attention to the great variety of conditions to which infection by the colon bacillus might give rise. As in some instances these simulated other diseases, serious errors in diagnosis were liable to occur unless we considered the possibility of this type of infection. While voltaren for sale without doubt the selective point of infec- tion was in the urinary tract, in a large percentage of cases, fortunately in the majority of instances we could determine the source of trouble by the

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