Extreme ice conditions

Conquering the North Pole – LOMROG III Polar Icebreaker Expedition

It’s an extraordinarily difficult task to obtain scientific data from the sea bed in the Arctic. But it’s crucial for the scientist to succeed, so they can prove that the North Pole belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. But Russia and Canada do also claim the North Pole.

Cinematographer DFF: Kenneth Sorento
Directors of documentary: Jakob Gottschau and Martin Breum
Editor: Kenneth Sorento


Conquering the North Pole – Full length (in Danish)

Martin Breum sætter rigsfællesskabet på dagsordenen (article in Danish)

Danmark et skridt nærmere Nordpolen (article in Danish)

Illustreret Videnskab: Kampen om Arktis (article in Danish)

3D animation of Arctic Ocean floor